Kick It Back (D)

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Kick it down Break it Loose

D                                 | C               

D                                 | C      

D        A     CG       G     D

Working from 9 to 5 can beat a man down from day to day

but when your working for whiskey and women, Hearing what I say?

THis old dog has learned a thing or two just a riding on the country lanes

Sometimes you need to just feel alive to get passed all the mundane


There aint no use in thinking when you know what you gotta do

talking is procrastination, you got to kick it down and break it loose

ohh lord kick it down and break it loose

People spending their lives trying to keep one up on their brother man

I pay no mind to that bullshit, yes I never give a god damn

looking back to the happiest days barely made myself the months rent

no I couldn’t find 2 dimes to rub together, never worried bout what I spent


Its been too many years I lost count some time ago

seems like the faces and places of my childhood melt away like a late snow

been away from town for so many years they’ll hardly recognize my face

so take me Mississippi river take me back to my mammas place

Kick It Back Bass Lesson

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