Come Easily (A)

Come Easily by the Ram registered with ASCAP IPI #375351061
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= Intro

= Verse 1
Makes no difference where I’m going
doesn’t really matter where I’ve been
When I feel her eyes upon me
I know, I’m exactly where I need to be

= Chorus 1
Home is where you make it
Sweet home should come easily
Could be on some distant beach where Im a lying
Could be neath shade of my baby’s tree

= Verse 2
I spent six years in NYC
like living in a penitentiary
Stole a motorbike rode it to the ocean
My broken heart finally came on back to me

= Chorus 2
Home lord you’ve got to go out and take it
Sweet home should come easily
Could be on some highway that I’m riding
Could be left behind in those city streets

= Verse 3
I came to reside in California
Spend my days rolling at the beach
All the pretty girls there they let their hair down
they’ve got nothing on my sweet beauty

= Chorus 3
Home feels just like my woman
Does it fell good?! Lord you’d better believe
She comes & joins me anywhere Im lying
She gives me shade beneath her tree

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