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Mono Lake, CA Wearing the Infamous "Shitbird" Teeshirt


The Ram is a North County, San Diego artist, filmmaker, designer, producer, & composer. He’s been an active musician and visual artist since the late 80s exhibiting work and performing in & around the East Coast Tri-State area (Philadelphia, New Jersey, and NYC). In 1999 he relocated to San Diego to embrace surf culture, the desert, and the culture of the Sierra Nevadas. Over the years he has performed with different instrumentation, arrangements, and personel across a wide range of band formats.  His comfort zone is the unknown, improvisation, flying by the seat of his pants without adhering to rules governing any specific genre of music.  Rules are meant to be broken.

The Creative Process

All of the music created by the Ram is a celebration of the freedoms available in the “DIY: Do It Yourself” age we are living in today. All aspects of recording, creative direction, film, social media, website front end, website backend, writing & communications are from the Ram’s desk. The reason this is important is to provide a unique picture of the creative process and evolution of his artistic voice. All of the Ram’s collective work is independent, registered through ASCAP, and managed via his record, media & production company OD Soul Inc.

What Does “the Ram” Even Mean?

“I’ve always been a black sheep.  My brothers and siters in the water mean the world to me.  Sometimes you’re given a nickname and it sticks, I’ll take it ’cause it’s street cred.”, the Ram says about his given name.  The subject matter of his songs are biographical in nature and inspired by life experience. Good music & improvisation has always been about acting without hesitation, moving fearlessly, empathy, and being hyper-aware & in-the-moment to listen to your surroundings. With a little work, the music achieves this. 

Wild Fire, a new album coming out on January 10, 2020.


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